Düsseldorf, 17.05.2023

Michael Koch: aus: eternal collection, Installation, FBZ Art Award 2023
Michael Koch: aus: eternal collection, Installation, FBZ Art Award 2023


upcoming exhibitions / events


FBZ Art Award 2023 / Psyche, Kunst und Gesundheit 

Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Stiftung Kleine Kunstdialog West/Ost

Bochumer Fenster

17.05.2023 - 07.07.2023



16.06.2023 - 18.06.2023

past & present

Der Greif - 15th anniversary

Pinakothek der Moderne, München

slides & sounds

ZIRKA, München 


human x nature

Charta Festival, Rome

16.09.2023 - 24.09.2023


Glasgow, 06.01.2023


group exhibition

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography

57 Glassford Street, Glasgow, G1 1UG

06.-01.2023 -30.01.2023



honorable mention

fine art / conceptual for: Michael Koch - eternal collection

ND Awards 2022

Düsseldorf, 11.11.22

night of the lotus eaters

Cosima Hawemann, Michael Koch, Simon Schubert


bei Julia Ritterskamp

Merkurstraße 29, 40233 Düsseldorf

11.11.2022 - 11.01.2023

Eröffnung: 11.11.22, 18-21 Uhr

Nottingham, 22.10.22

NTU x Vieunite Art Prize / Biophilia

group exhibition. Award Presentation

Bonington Gallery, Nottingham NG1 4GG

24.11.2022 - 12.11.2022



Düsseldorf, 04.02.2022

Michael Koch: yellow fellow, 2016, Lambdaprint, Diasec
Michael Koch: yellow fellow, 2016, Lambdaprint, Diasec


group exhibition. Galerie Voss, Düsseldorf

08.02.2022 - 05.03.2022


Till Freiwald, Daniel Heil, Mary A. Kelly, Iwaila Klinke,

Michael Koch, Juriaan Molenaar, Mihoko Ogaki, Kate Waters


Bangkok, 02.09.2021


group exhibition. Ctypemag gallery, Bangkok.

04.09.2021 - 03.10.2021


Anavat Petchudomsinsuk, Linda Zhengová, 

Michael Koch, Santolo Felaco, Makis Makris 

London, 25.07.2021

granted with honorable mention for post mortem

in Fine Art Category in the 5th edition of MonoVisions Photography Awards.

Düsseldorf, 31.05.2021

Michael Koch  * a horse with no name *

artist book/catalogue.

152 pages, first edition limited to 150 copies

use contact to order / for more information

Text eternal collection (german): Thomas W. Kuhn

Layout: Christian Schramm


London, 21.03.2021

life framer - editor`s pick

night life/ dream images


final curtain, from: post mortem


Editor`s comment:

Anyone who suffers from or has experienced recurring nightmares - or even night terrors - knows all too well the fear of going to sleep and what it can bring.

The anticipation of the unknown can create an anxiety around what`s to come once a deep sleep sets in, the waiting state almost as terrifying as the nightmares themselves.

The curtain in this image can be read as closed window curtain insinuating a bedtime setting, or a stage curtain, ready to be pulled up as soon as the theatrics beginn.

A very effective and simple image, with a - dare I say it - Hitchcockian `film still` element.



Monochrome Photography Awards 2020

honorable mention / fine art


London, 01.11.2020

International Photography Grant

Talent of the year 2020 / Finalist

Michael Koch - left to my own devices.


honorable mention for:

Michael Koch - eternal collection in fine art category

minimalist photography awards 2020.

London, 26.05.2020


‘Lost in Isolation’ is an online exhibition by 37 artists and is curated by Void Collective.

All of the selected artworks have been made during, or relating to, times of isolation.


Featuring painting, photography, objects, performance and sound, the works in the exhibition circle around the themes of isolation,

loss and mourning and explore how we navigate such periods in our lives.

The works on show cover a broad range of responses to theme and highlight how art becomes even more meaningful during these moments;

connecting us through these intimate and collective times of solitude and grief.

Exhibition Starts on May 26th 2020

Massachusetts, 06.04.2020

my work Aspic is part of the two eternities exhibition.

online via re-direct-gallery 

Los Angeles, 01.04.2020

my work Mandala is part of the 2020 lenscratch self-quaratining exhibition


2nd Place Winner in Monochrome Photography Awards 2019

silver award

in Conceptual Category.

Rome, 03.01.2020

still life - alternative exposures

loosenart international group exhibition

03.01.2020 - 04.02.2020

0pening Friday, 03.01.2020 - 6 pm

Millepiani, Via N. Odero, 13 Rome

Los Angeles, 12.12.2019

snap to grid, group exhibition, LACDA Los Angeles Center For Digital Art

Saturday receptions and openings: December 14. 6-9pm

Exhibition dates: December 12, 2019 - January 4, 2020

ArtWalk Preview: Thursday, December 12. 7-9pm


Michael Koch: Ikarus, 2017, Lambdaprint
Michael Koch: Ikarus, 2017, Lambdaprint


love, actually

curated by Jon Feinstein for humble arts foundation


Around the world, political and social division threatens irreparable damage. The bubbles we inhabit protect us, make us feel a drugged-kind-of safe while extending our distance from those who think differently. As the election year approaches, as 45 continues to tweet hateful words, as violence blends into the grey of the news cycle, as the earth melts, as we don't have time to talk....the world can feel grim and apocalyptic. But love, trite as it may seem, is a constant.
The photographs in this group show are reminders of that staying power. Of empathy. Of opportunities to rise and relate.

Of faith in a positive future.


Osnabrück, 03.09.2019

post mortem / shortlisted Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2019


Michael Koch: eternal collection

is now featured as part of the life framer collection.

London, 20.06.2019

"the eternal collection" is part of:




As artists and creatives it is difficult to separate ourselves from the work. The art is fundamentally imbued with self, regardless of how far we think we are separated from it. We make decisions, investigate, explore, construct, and each time we personally shape and affect the outcome. It’s ours, we created it. We are gods of our own small worlds. This volume delves into the very human idea of creator, master and control. A desire to give meaning and attain understanding. It is a look at the ego. It is about a sense of self, place, value and identity.


“God is dead…what sacred games shall we have to invent?” – Nietzsche



Alex Baddeley, Anders Aarvik, John Carney, Emanuele Vara, Hannah Nussbaum, Emma Bani-Walker, Gabriella Sonabend, John O’Hare, Vasiliy Kononov-Gredin, Jacob Lombard, Graham Keddie, Hannah Honeywill, Isabella Eyre & Janieta Eyre, Martina Mullaney, Julio Orta, Matthew Lloyd, Michael Koch, Ritchard Allaway.


Limited edition run

issn 2515-7329 03

published by urban fugitive ltd




life framer - editor`s pick

youthhood / songs of innocence

editor`s comment:

"This image shows the ability to work with colors, textures and tonal contrast.

It`s poetic and melancholic. I appreciate the artistic vision of the photographer and the ability to use technique in his favor."

London, 14.04.2019

Nominee Award in Nature

for Michael Koch: eternal collection

5th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards.

Salt Lake City, 18.01.2019


curated by Daniel Everett

Jan.26 - Feb. 27. 2019

washer / dryer projects.


Jon Feinstein, Fred Lahache, Casey James Wilson, Ivo Fovanna,

Justin Hodges, Annelise Duque, Ryan Oskin, Jeremy Haik, James Talbot,

Michael Koch, Megan Livingston, Pierre-Marie Drapeau-Martin,

Samantha Lynn Croteau, Christian Michael Filardo, Riccardo Banfi.


awarded in Monochrome Photography Awards 2018 with honorable mention

in professional nature category.


ND Awards 2018 /nature

honorable mention for Michael Koch: eternal collection.

Los Angeles, 31.10.2018

my work nightdogs in the 2018 lenscratch dark night exhibition.


Michael Koch: nightdogs, 2013, C-Print, Diasec, from: post mortem
Michael Koch: nightdogs, 2013, C-Print, Diasec, from: post mortem

Les Arcs / Düsseldorf, 26.10.2018

the eyes of Roseline

new body of work.

triptych, 2018

Extase, the eyes of Roseline, the circle, 2018, Lambdaprints, Diasec
Extase, the eyes of Roseline, the circle, 2018, Lambdaprints, Diasec


In his series eternal collection, German photographer Michael Koch “combines photographs of nature and science and its (re)presentation.” According to the artist, the pictures explore “the space between the imagined and real.” Isolated in fields of gray or black, taxidermy animals, specimens, and skeletons are presented objectively, yet in a way that’s slightly unsettling. There’s such a variety of contrast in the pictures. In many of them, there’s a flatness that’s disorienting and at the same time pleasant; it’s as if everything non-essential has been smoothed away. I love the mystery that this quality adds, particularly in the photograph Parental Care, of a bird with a nest. I feel like I’m looking into a diorama in a natural history museum, searching for the representation of an animal that’s only active in low light.

Muybridge`s horse / Emma Kisiel

Michael Koch: Annabel, 2018, Lambdaprint, Diasec
Michael Koch: Annabel, 2018, Lambdaprint, Diasec

01.06. 2018


Michael Koch: eternal collection

Michael Koch: the last dance, 2016, Lambdaprint, Diasec
Michael Koch: the last dance, 2016, Lambdaprint, Diasec

Los Angeles, 22.04.18

L.A. Photo Curator


curated by Carol Erb


"Animals can be found just about everywhere on our planet, from tiny single cell microorganisms to gigantic creatures that roam the land and swim in the sea.

Birds and insects dance around us in magical aerial ballets. Animals dazzle us with their colors and patterns. They ewoke feelings in us of fear and love." Carol Erb


honorable mention for Michael Koch: Absprung. Global Photography Award




Rome, 13.02.18



international group exhibition
OPENING Thursday 1st March 6:00 pm
Millepiani, via N. Odero 13 - Rome, Italy
From monday to friday - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


One of the most immediate creative forms going through history and centuries, from the ancient times until today, is the mask.

Connected to a tribal production as well as to a post-modern era, it can be shaped within a multitude of materials,

from wood to stone, from plastic to iron, from paper to textiles.

This variety can be also associated to its multiple meanings and purposes.

A mask can be used to hide and, at the same time, to show something; to change the reality while revealing a profound truth;

to filter what is in front of us, whilst directly approaching it.
This theme, with its interesting complexity, is exhibited at the space Millepiani in Rome during the whole month of March.


new series: AUFSICHT.

about the forest of childhood. 2017 (ongoing project)

Michael Koch: Mata, 2017, Lambdaprint, Diasec
Michael Koch: Mata, 2017, Lambdaprint, Diasec

London, 22.10.2017

Nominee Award in Nature for the winning entry ETERNAL COLLECTION in the 2017 Photogrvphy Grant.


Winning series were selected by panel of international judges, including: Hugh Merrell, Jon Feinstein, Michael Pritchard, David Bram, Sarah Krueger, Aram Kim, Fosi Vegue, Barry W Hughes, Emanuele Cucuzza, Robyn Lange, Jurriaan Van Kranendonk, Christina Force, Gianpaolo Arena, John Kenney, Niccolò Fano, Daria Bonera, Steve Bisson, Rohit Vohra, Jorrit R Dijkstra, Alison Zavos and Martin Stavars.

London, 24.04.2017

something black


Michael Koch: Tippi, 2012, mixed media
Michael Koch: Tippi, 2012, mixed media


awarded in Monochrome Photography Awards 2016 with honorable mention

in professional portrait category.


eplatré   2016, C-Print  edition of 10  from: euphoria

Michael Koch: eplatré, 2016, C-Print
Michael Koch: eplatré, 2016, C-Print

Michael Koch  Vísindi / collection, 2016, mixed media / photography

Rundblick reloaded

kuratiert von Julia Ritterskamp für Kirschenpflücker e.V.

04.11.16 - 18.11.16

Kunstverein Koelnberg


Michael Koch  Vísindi

artist book 09/ 2016

20 pages, 19cm x 19cm

edition of 45

DER GREIF - magazine for photography & literature, Issue 9 - out now 07/16

Michael Koch - camouflage, 2015
in combination with Niko Luoma, Harold Diaz and a poem by Luke MacLean

Freifrau, 2016 - from: deception  is part of:
»A Process 2.0«
Krakow Photomonth 2016 / crisis? what crisis?
Festival Center, Tytonie, ul. Dolnych Młynów 10 Krakow


Thursday, May 12th, 2016 – Sunday, May 16th, 2016

Exhibition On view until Sunday, June 12th, 2016
Curated and edited by DER GREIF.




artist book 

limited edition of 35

26 Pages, soft pink cover padding